«Next best to no shoes»



Tom Beck had the idea of developing the perfect shoe for drummers in 1987. Back then, he was heavily into double bass drumming – and he knew that his performance could only be optimised if his shoes weren’t restricting his feet. Tom's aim was to transfer all movements to the pedal as directly as possible. After failing to find any footwear that corresponded with his ideas, the Swiss maestro decided to play barefoot. This way of playing provided him with the flexibility he was looking for. Hence, Tom played for years without wearing shoes – something that became his trademark within the music scene.

At the beginning of the nineties, Tom Beck played at a large open air festival. On the way from the backstage area to the stage, he unfortunately stepped on a broken beer bottle. After finishing the ninety minute concert, he was immediately rushed to hospital because he had lost a lot of blood.


From that point on, Tom never played barefoot again except in the rehearsal room or in the studio.

That was when his long quest for the perfect shoe began. During all those years, he took his bass drum pedal to countless shoe stores and tried on virtually every type of shoe he could get his hands on.

However, he never found the perfect shoe. The shoe was either good to play in, but looked a little strange, or he would sweat too much, and the sole then became too slippery or grippy. He actually felt most comfortable wearing soft dancing shoes. But they didn’t look too good, either! In the end, his choice of shoes was always a compromise.



At long last – 27 years later – Kandahar, the legendary shoe manufactory situated in the Bernese Oberland, became interested in the idea of making the perfect shoe for drummers. The name Kandahar stands for exclusive quality, design and innovation. Kandahar were, for example, the first company to develop the après-ski shoe made of sheepskin and crepe rubber – featuring the cork midsole that has proven itself millions of times over. This innovative spirit, coupled with the belief that only the customers’ complete satisfaction counts, is deeply rooted at Kandahar. Footwear is a true craft. This statement is at the center of Kandahar’s corporate philosophy.

Following a two year development period, countless prototypes and extensive tests, different models are now ready to be manufactured at the Kandahar factory: “The Drummer Shoe – Stage”, “The Drummer Shoe – Rehearsal” and “The Drummer Shoe – Session”.

The “Stage” model is a high performance variation. It is exclusively designed for playing on stage and in the recording studio. The “Rehearsal” offers a little bit more stability and also has a more sporty look. “The Drummer Shoe – Session” is similar to “The Drummer Shoe – Rehearsal” but available in different colour variations. The three shoe models are designed for indoor use.

“The Drummer Shoe” is a very lightweight, hand-sewn leather shoe made of exclusively selected materials and completely manufactured in Switzerland. The design is timeless and matches every style and dress code. Furthermore, the shoe is very flexible, and the sole doesn’t stick to or slip on the bass drum pedal. Hence, all traditional and modern foot techniques are fully applicable. Sweating is no longer an issue, regardless how long the shoes are worn and how high the temperatures are on stage or in the studio. On top of everything, “The Drummer Shoe” looks fantastic and offers an extraordinary playing feel. In the standard versions, all models are fitted with a thin, high quality rubber sole.



Tom's personal view is that the choice of shoes is equally important as the choice of a bass drum pedal. All drummers should purchase “The Drummer Shoe” – or at least try it. Whoever has tried it, will most certainly never want to play without “The Drummer Shoe” again. Even though the shoe was specifically designed for drummers, it is also very suitable for other fields of application. “The Drummer Shoe” can be highly recommended to those who prefer to work barefoot and who are looking for a lightweight, comfortable and high-quality shoe. A shoe that will always make you look good.


«Next best to no shoes»


“The Drummer Shoe” is available at the webshop (www.drummershoe.com). A reliable size table is available online. If the shoes do not fit, they can be sent back to Kandahar in their original packaging. They shall then be exchanged. Those who would like to try on the shoes before purchasing are able to do so either on-site at Tom Beck’s place – this, however, requires a reservation in advance.



The Models (Stage, Rehearsak & Session) are also available in stores: Schlagzeugshop Glanzmann, Chilchstrasse 8, 6246 ALTISHOFEN | Andy's Music Shop, Seestrasse 96, 8610 USTER | DS DreamSound AG, Eisenbahnstrasse 7, 8840 EINSIEDELN



«I‘ve been learning new music and the last thing I would want is to be distracted by shoes that feel alien to me. I forget they‘re on my feet!»